Basic program properties
Merick Calc 3000 is a now developing program for fast custom order processing and preparation of production. It's designed to run middle or small business.
Special modules makes easy: joinery and furniture production, plate, glass, paper and other wide-area and  length materials processing, windows, double glasses and built-in furniture production.

Basic program functions:

  • complex order processing and production planning - from making offers and orders, production batch processing, to expenditure and delivery to customers.
  • user friendly interface - program is able to be used also by operating personnel with only little computer experiences; using standard MS Windows control elements; emphasis on easy keyboard working. 
  • stock documentation - material and product store, atypical product store and unfinished product store; making catalogues and price lists; you can offer goods from foreign catalogues (e.g. catalogues of you partners) without putting them into the store before.
  • more store item types - simple and compound. An assembly (a compound item type) can include other assemblies (no limited nesting); store items can have file enclosures (you can enclose assembly instructions, drawings, production technology, 2D or 3D models, ...)
  • automatic goods and products pricing - retail price and wholesale price rounding; you do not need to check sale prices all over a store or catalogue - when you click on the button, all prices will be re-counted.
  • many parameters of a square components - 16 shapes; 4 border types, which can be laminated; grooving; machining allowances; DIN/DXF codes can be added to each square component; full and precise identification of each square component through bar code (a bar code can be printed as EAN).
  • compound square and length materials - e.g. lacquer + grinding + veneer + glue + particleboard; you can make cutting sheets on such materials too.
  • enhanced square and length material specification - two material format type: materials and usable wastes; specification of size, amount and pattern orientation of each format item; two types of cutting-off.
  • parametric model-maker - thanks to this editor you can make required product models (assemblies) through entering only a few parameters; you need neither pencil or calculator, because this model-maker counts the product itself and shows it in 2D or 3D.
  • cutting sheets - for square and length materials; fast and precise algorithm can be adapted to your cutting tool (NC x hand machines), to the material (LVL x glass); full parts specification on the cutting sheet.
  • connection with NC machines - with cutting tools Sapphire 3200 (Epimex-Hutzel) and  Euro 5 (Panhans); universal output for connection with other machines; machining centre control through DIN/DXR code.
  • print-set editor - you can make your own print-sets with pictures (internal, external), bar codes, labels, ...
  • network version - client/server (TCP-IP) without directory sharing; maximum security data and application access.

More information see in modules` descriptions.


Ing. Vaclav Riha-Soft Consult