Basic program properties
Merick Calc 3.15 is a program for making cutting sheets and cost calculations. This program is made out especially for joinery and furniture production. The program also facilitates efficient cutting of plate, glass, paper, and cloth. The program enables easy and fast order preparation, working out of cutting sheets for such an order and final calculation, including caused waste. Hundreds of satisfied customers in this country and abroad bespeak about the quality of the program.

Basic program functions:

  • making pieces of furniture - so called assemblies (packages of furniture components) [example].
  • program can process thousands single component parts from thousands assemblies in several minutes.
  • increase of materials` rates of return of 10 - 15%
  • program can take pattern (wood growth rings) of material into consideration
  • waste recycling (reusing) - it raises material rate of return too and reduces waste disposal costs
  • program saves materials and save money on liquidation of waste
  • so called virtual materials - they save your time by entering parameters of assembly.
  • cost calculations - fast and precise costing of products and all orders.
  • you can save order (into archive) for later processing
  • output for CNC machines - program generates code for CNC machines (plug-in module CNC modules)
  • printing on all printers (MS Windows compatible) [example]
  • adaptation to power of processor (AT-286 .. Pentium 4)
  • data backup (on hard disk, floppy disks)
  • installation into MS DOS, MS Windows 3.1, MS Windows 95, MS Windows 98, MS Windows ME, MS Windows 2000 environment
  • user-friendly - it's easy to use for anybody
  • good price - very good rate price/performance

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